"Times Square South"

The Wall Street area - in front of Federal Hall and The NYSE, at the madness that is The Charging Bull on the tiny triangle of pavement just north of Bowling Green - has become a zoo, a tourist area for selfies and checking-off one's list. The Charging Bull = the new dramatic downtown corner.

The 9/11 Memorial Plaza, which is meant to be a solemn memorial yet exist in a functional way, integrated as part of the fabric of downtown, to be used and enjoyed -- is just that. Perhaps too much, though? The groups, the tours, the traffic: it's overwhelming. The Oculus is a must see, and the crowds prove its popularity. I'm not complaining, this is my bread and butter, and I love the revitalization of downtown, but the DRAMA... just read this article to see one small segment of the cray cray that is downtown these days...

"Feminists who have all but made love to the Fearless Girl statue, praising the artwork as a gift to feminism greater than the Seneca Falls Convention, are not happy about Pissing Pug."

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