"New York, Summer in the city..."

Well, it's official - Summer in New York City is on - what does that mean? Well, yes it means heat and humidity, but also a slew of wonderful street fairs, incredible farmer's markets, special exhibits, art in parks, picnics enjoying free opera or philharmonic (or punk rock!) performances under the stars. Also, bike riding, surfing, artisanal ice cream, master-mixologist creations on pulsing rooftops, summer dance parties, harbor cruises and - sometimes - the chance to score a table or tickets at the hottest resto or show, because on the weekends the city empties out somewhat, as well-heeled New Yorkers make a bee line to Duchess County, East Hampton or Montauk. Summer is a great time to book a private tour, to see off the beaten path neighborhoods. to enjoy a food-trek through an iconic cultural neighborhood or to re-live history through visiting some of NYC's richest cultural heritage sites. It's like the song says - its a hell of a town and the summer is one heck of a time to enjoy it!


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